The Preservation of Health

Huang Di asks of Qi bo, of the changes of the season and the sky, and of nature, and in them he asks of the human body if there is  a method or a way to understand the nature of change.

Qi bo replies in stating the five elemental principle, that is universal and that it can be applied to the myriad of things in the universe, and in this he states of the practitioner.

“There are five requisites for an effective practitioner. Most physicaians ignore these 5 edicts. First, one must have unity of mind and spirit, with undistracted focus. Second, one must understand and practice the Tao of self-preservation and cultivation. Third, one must be familiar with the true properties and actions of each herb. Fourth, one must be proficient in the art of acupuncture. Fifth, one must know the art of diagnosis. When one follows these edicts one will be effective. With acupuncture one can tonify the deficient and sedate the excess. But if one can observe the yin and yang laws of the universe and truly apply their essence to treatment, the result will be even better. This is like a shadow following form. There is no secret here. It is that simple.”

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