Tung’s Points by Dr. Tan

Dr. Tan’s use of Tung’s points.

Aside from using his balancing methods for treating orthopedic disharmonies, or any other channel disharmonies that occur in the body, he has a set of points that he keeps in his repertoire to treat painful symptoms that occur. A quick overview would be to divide the distal points by the limb on which they are on.

Hand Dorsal Points
Ba guan- Shoulder, upper arm, upper leg pain and atrophy w/ numbness and burning.
Fen bai- Eye problems
Fu ke- Gynecological
Qi hua- Arthritis, tendonitis, knee, and elbow problems
Zhi yang- Wind stroke paralysis
Zhong bai- To balance the galbladder meridian.

Palmar Points
Chen yin- Prostrate
Chong xian- Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Asthma, pain behind the lungs in the back.
Feng Chao- “Female problsms”
Mu Guan- Arthritis, RA
Shuang lang, Shuang ling- Blood stasis due to cancer. Serious problems, close to death
Tong gu- balances the kidney channel

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