Continuing Depression

Managing depression can be a difficult thing, especially when you are uncertain as to the cause of it. Using a simple calendar or a diary, is one of the ways of chronicling when your episodes happen and what your episodes were about. One can simply step back and look at a month or week in question and possibly see a pattern arising. Another use of the diary, is that one could try to build a narrative, and through that narrative make a break-through. As one begins to see a story form, one can begin to understand the possible context that the depression came from. This is the easiest way, of putting it all together in one piece. And in the future, one can also relate it to others so that they may easily understand you, sympathize, and help you out.

The DSM-V, divides depression into different categories, categorized by severity, frequency, and mixed presentation. Major, Manic, Mixed, Hypomanic, Major recurring, Disthymic, Cyclothymic, Bipolar 1, and Bipolar 2. Each one has a varying degree of severity with mixed presentations, or whether they stem from an event, or from a conditioned state. Each one is medicated differently according to its presentation. Likewise in Chinese Medicine, the depression is looked at according to its presentation and symptomatology. The emotional state that one is in, while in the depression, or out of it, gives a the practitioner a sense of what is the base emotion that the patient is overwhelmed in. There are five different “spirits” or psychical states that one may find themselves in according to Chinese Medicine. These are the emotions commonly expressed as Anger, Joy, Worry, Grief, and Fear. One may have a predominant “spirit” which their personality may dictate. Usually these emotions are in a harmonious relationship and when one emotion overtakes the other, the self and the body becomes overtaxed. Excessive anger may rage and burn one out, over elation repletes instantly, excessive worry hampers action, and denies expression. Also animproper response or inaction to one of these emotions may stultify or depress another. When one does not act within the moment of the occurrence of anger, depression may arise, or when one conceals their joy, depression may arise also. When one doesn’t heed caution to worry, depression may arise, and so forth. These imbalances take a toll on the body, and produce lethargy, anxiety, over-compulsion, lack of self esteem, and so forth.

Acupuncture is a way in which the body can heal itself and the mind also. Acupuncture opens up the flow of the body’s channels to experience movement again, it rejuvenates, and releases tension. It clears the mind, and shows the mind where the body is tensed, and where trauma may have hidden itself. There have been situations where one has cried after a treatment, or was so relaxed and relieved that they “felt like their old selves again.” This is where one can remember themselves, and who they have been and pick up the pieces and start all over again. Courage and strength with support can then lead the way to a new beginning.

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