Patterns of Depression Pt. 1

There are many factors that are involved when dealing with depression. One must look at the circumstances from which it arrived. The Majority of people encounter it from a major event that “shook” the foundations from they had accepted and built their life. It could of been the loss of a loved one, the loss of a position, an accident, or some event that triggered a cascading effect on a person’s disposition. Usually such an event leaves a profound effect on a person, knocking out their will, and their power to continue life as they know it. They may lose the ambition to continue with the average day to day social dealings that they normally have. They may act irresponsibly and may shirk opportunities, that they would normally engage in. Such events leave a person, listless, as if they had lost a part of themselves or that they are powerless to turnaround the events that took place. This feeling of powerlessness, is the very crux of the depression, leaving one extremely burdened and overwhelmed. Typical emotions that one would feel during this period, usually fall into that powerlessness, with resentment, contempt, sloth, discouragement, loss of self esteem, lackluster, loss of joy, unwillingness for change, uncleanliness, and so on. Again facing one’s self to continue life and its journey becomes difficult even with help. Does one have enough energy to continue on? Are all the negative patterns that one carries hardwired? Do the cycles of self-hate and enjoyment abate or increase?

Acupuncture has been known as a strong mood enhancer, it is subtly lifting while engaging on the body’s pain modulators, rewiring breathing patterns in a more positive light. The body’s own opiods give an nice high after the treatment for even days after. One can breathe deep and profound after a treatment. When patterns are really stuck and ingrained, Acupuncture can move the qi to deliver positive effects that can change those patterns. Hidden trauma’s can be brought out to light, that haven’t been touched upon before, delivering a release of emotions that were lain hidden, beneath the surface.

People have come in the door skeptical, and then after a treatment they may cry or laugh finding a release of emotions that were dormant over a period of time due to the depression. A person through their posture and demeanor, in their daily engagement may hide these emotions, continually, and develop patterns in speech, and stance where they continually hide those emotions. They hide a past event, and hide a past trauma, and turn off a part of themselves to the rest of the world. Afterwards a pattern develops and they unconsciously continue engaging in these ways building upon their previous hurts. Acupuncture can reconnect these areas that have been dormant for so long. By moving the qi and stimulating channels, pathways are opened up to new movements, feelings, and expressions that are remembered, or newly experienced. Some people come out saying “I feel like my old self again.” or “I feel like I can do anything now.”

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