Next Door Chicago

Next Door is a nice little gem tucked away in the borders of Lakeview, and Lincoln Park. It is a thriving cafe that serves up Intelligensia, and a nice selection of noshes to keep the mouth satisfied. College students of all kinds come here to cram, prep, or what not, as well as self employed entrepreneurs, who need a breath of the fresh buzz in here. Conceived of by State Farm, the cafe is thought of as a hub for the community, to bring ideas, innovations, and self help classes for those who are interested. Located near Trader Joes, on Diversey, the space is ample for a multitude of projects and developments. The modular furniture, allows a play for the space to reform according to the needs of the day. 

Just recently, I have been teaching Tai ji chuan on Thursdays in the eve, at 7:30pm. The class is simply an introduction class, focusing on the Yang style 8 form. If anyone is interested in getting their qi flowing and moving in the eve, head out and experience what this great place has to offer.

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