Jing, Qi, Shen

The three treasures known in Qi gong are Jing, Qi, and Shen. They are stored in the three fields of the body, the Dantiens (translation from chinese- fields), or known as the Triple Burners. The Dantiens, are the center areas of the body, where energy is collected and also distributed. These are focus areas in the body while practicing Qi gong. As the breath travels with inhalation from the nose to the belly and with exhalation back out of the nose, these centers gather the qi of the body and in turn with concentration transform it. With each deepening breath, the focus and the concentration transforms this energy and builds it up in the rising tides of the Dantiens.
The notion of Burners, also provides an image in this process of breath work. Burners can be seen as bellows providing warmth and heat for the entire body. In a similar image, these localized stove tops of the body, are found just above the navel, above the sternum, and at the occipital lobe. (Other schools locate the top Burner at the top of the nose between the eyes. Some schools located them under the navel, over the navel, and at the chest) What is collected at these Dantiens, or similarly “burnt” at these Burners, is the energy that is necessary for those areas of the body. This is Jing, Qi, and Shen. Jing, the simplest and most condense of these, is the seed energy, that is derived from our essence. Its is our sexual makeup, our DNA, and our life seed. This through Qi gong, is lifted up from our sexual organs, into the lowest burner, and combined with the energy of that which we have ingested, ruminated and dwelled upon. Our body combines thats, and transforms it into what it needs, Qi, to nourish the body. What is in excess rises, or falls according to its quality, and enters the next Dantien, or Burner. This burner located in the center of the chest, mixes with the immediate breath. It discriminates, gathers what is necessary, and releases what is not. Most of the breath leaves or it goes to the lower burner to start the process over again. What collects and remains transforms into core of who we are. It becomes the emotions that fuel us, predominate us, and are a part of our character. Out of this transformation, comes out the Shen, which is our Spirit Mind. The Shen collects in the upper Dantien or Burner and brightens our awareness. It provides us with insight, and illuminates our being.
Each Dantien provides a path of transformation where we can focus, and see the process unfold in our Qi gong through simple mindfulness.

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