What is Health?

We can ask ourselves what is the perception of our bodies and what we consider what Health may be.

We have many ideas as to what our health is. We are inundated with advice, either from agencies such as the AMA, AHA, our doctors, to our insurance companies. What we consider what is healthy to us gets shaded by varying degrees from anything even magazines, print and digital media. Vast images of fitness, virility, sensuousness, strength and fertility create a palette where the self consciousness of our own self sense of what our body feels gets distorted through various diets, fads, medicines, exercise regimes, and the like.

There is a market-place of health-care that is out there, whether affordable or not, most of us go on with what we can manage and handle at our fingertips. Either our employers provide the means where we can access that health or we have to find our own. Expensive instrumentations, charts and graphs state a quantified sense to how we are supposed to feel, yet we are then told that numbers change, or that research shows something different.

What are we supposed to feel?
What am I supposed to look like?

Either we convince ourselves, or let others convince us.

Our general sense of Health is a greater picture than that of a body image. It is more than measured steps on a phone. It is more than just looking good, it is more than eating good. It is an overall quality of life. One of moderation, being able to take the stresses of life and flow with them.

To grow, to flourish and thrive.

We must envision Health.

It begins with recognizing the preciousness of our Human life. Once we know that there is only this lifetime, only this moment, only our bodies to deal with, then we can take that matter seriously. With the urgency of life can we begin to look at the bigger picture, not just for ourselves, but also for others.
Health doesn’t just happen to us, we must coax it, urge it, nurture it, and help it grow. Like a well tended garden, only we will know how our health begins to develop.

Without a vision, one perishes, so with this in mind, a sense of cultivation can develop. Remember, we are all here to be healthy, and once that mind of health begins to develop, so do our healthy habits.

The body has an innate capacity to heal, the mind being a part of the body also has that capacity. When you allow your body and your mind to tap into that rejuvenative quality then you allow the natural process to work. One just needs to tap in to it.

A Healthy mind breeds serene habits.

With that knowing one can take the steps to get out of the emotions that prevent us from accomplishing the vision that is best fitted for us.


With a healthy mind one can then approach-
A balanced diet
Cultivate positive breath work
Tame and train the mind
Be Cheerful

With the beautiful support of the body one can accept and cultivate their own Human Nature.

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