I have been going through my old notes, and trying really hard to find a center from which to pinpoint myself coming out of. I tried to get a philosophical sense from where I was, really find a core from which I could say my medicine was rooted in. I remembered going back to where I was slightly before graduation, and stirring the ideas that were in my mind. At the time, I really considered myself a five phase practitioner, and was into finding all the nuances of it.
However, at the time I also came across, the great, one and only Dr. Tan, who would change my perspective completely around. I have just looked him up again, and am so proud to have someone who can condense 3 years of acupuncture in weekend seminars. Everyone who is an acupuncturist should look him up.

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Chicago native, Acupuncturist, Teacher, Student. and Lover. Dancing the Cosmic Boogie.

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