Gun Hei Fat Choi! Happy New Years!

Once again another Chinese Year! It does feel like spring, in this part of the hemisphere, as the Chinese New Year, all ways starts with the beginnings of spring weather. It is the time to embrace the Yuan, as they say the original creative, for very soon, the seeds of yesteryear will begin to start sprouting. SO, embrace your creative side, your Yuan qi, source qi, and begin cultivating. This is when all your New Year’s resolutions should take hold toward your endeavors for a better self, life style, or frame of mind.

This Year is the Year of the Yin fire Rooster.

The Yin fire is like the embers the root of the flame. It is supportive warmth and generative heat.

The Rooster, is a sacrificial time teller. It crows at dawn and dusk. It shows the change of yin to yang, and that of yang to yin. It is the change of activity from sleep to work, from work to rest. What is potentiated is recharged and stored for later. It is funny how the character for 酉, the rooster is a sacrificial flask, usually for a libation a toast to a job well done, or the tupper-ware for another meal.







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